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Buying Views on YouTube and Traffic-Generating Sites: Should You Do It?

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Buying Views on YouTube and Traffic-Generating Sites: Should You Do It?

YouTube is a powerful tool that can attract millions of potential visitors to your website, if you can capture their attention from your videos. But should you buy views to accomplish this?  Some think it is illegal to buy views. Others feel it is not illegal but unethical.  If you have a special announcement that you really need to be hyped up, you may want to try to generate a lot of traffic fast. But do you really want to get people to your page if they have no interest in what you are saying?

There is nothing wrong with buying views, as long as the view are real views. Google has no problem with businesses purchasing views to their website or YouTube page, as long as the people visiting and viewing your video are real. However, there are so many different sites offering to send views to your page, how do you know which ones are legitimate? How can you get people to your page that will want to buy what you are selling?

Here are a few tips to follow if you intend to buy views to your videos or websites, to ensure that you are sending only real views to your URL or videos:

  • Buy targeted traffic only. Remember that some sites only generate general traffic. Getting general traffic does you no good, unless you just want to increase your counter visits to impress someone. Only genuine, organic, target traffic helps your business.
  • Check out the traffic-generation site you are planning to use to be sure it is legitimate. There are many traffic-generating sites out there. Check out their ratings online and see what people are saying about them before you purchase traffic from them.
  • Make sure the traffic-generating site is not using “bots”. The practice of using robots to generate fake views will get your site kicked way down in the rankings by Google fast. Google has its robots, and they can scour the web and determine whether or not your website is getting traffic from non-human sources. Sending robots to your page is considered a “black hat” technique by Google and they will quickly penalize you for it.
  • Use analytical software and online tools to track the visits you purchased. Once you decide to purchase views or traffic, make sure you track your visits to see what is going on with the generated traffic. Some important factors you will want to consider include: where they come from, how long they stayed, what referral link they came in from, the bounce rate, and other statistics. If you are on YouTube, this is relatively easy, due to the Google Analytics tools that are already on the YouTube site.
  • Don’t rely on paid traffic only. Many online business owners use paid traffic to send extra views to their page. But you don’t want to rely on paid traffic in isolation. Work on the keywords and content of your site as well to generate real, organic traffic that happens naturally. Remember, paid traffic gives you a lot of views fast. But organic traffic gives you better quality views that last longer and occur over time.

The State Of YouTube (Social Media Infographics)

Source: http://soshable.com/the-state-of-youtube-infographic/

The question of whether or not you should buy Youtube view and traffic s is one that only you can answer. It is not illegal or unethical, as long as you are getting real views from real people, but some still question its legitimacy. It is better to purchase smaller packages of a few thousand at a time and to have the traffic delivered over a period of several days, rather than to order a million at a time. Ordering too many at once may certainly call attention to your account on YouTube and could lead to conflicts with YouTube and Google.

In general, it is always best to generate your traffic naturally, using the many direct traffic-generating techniques available to you today. The skillful use of keywords, advertising and promotional campaigns on social media, and email newsletters are some of the best ways to generate traffic for your website. Another way is to have people fill out an online form, asking for more information. These techniques will get you valid, targeted traffic that will result in more solid leads and conversions. Remember, the only good traffic is genuine human traffic that consists of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Connecting with the people who want your goods and services is the essence of success in sales and it is the ultimate goal of traffic and leads generation.


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